F&I Management Platforms

A platform which can integrate with ready API’s for quick and seamless integration with Finance providers, Insurance companies and Dealerships.

F&I digital platform, integrated with banks and dealer management system that helps dealerships to automate Autoloan application process with real time insights.

Value Proposition

Cost Automation Integration Security Design Processing Zero implementation cost, integration and maintenance cost charged to Partner banks or dealers. Emirates ID customer data Auto Population(Cost Applicable)Second set automation as per bank terms and conditions. API integration with Dealer Management System(DMS) and bank system/online platforms. Hosted on Oracle PCI DSS cloudInfra with high availabilityand security. Design Auto Finance applications and related documents matching branding guidelines of the bank. Scanning documents of large file sizes across all Auto segments. System capability to provide realtime deal updates to dealers Document Checklist. Ability to scan approvals (LOI’s)/LPO’s after customer signup via the system.
Digital Automation Multi PlatformApi Integration Secure And Scalable LEAN PROCESS Accuracy While Eliminating Redundant Data Entry Points Real time processing/end decision for all finance applications.Reducing TAT. Secure Two Way integration with Dealership, Banks and Insurance platforms. Data Transfer across secured channels. Eliminating all non value added activities.Delivery of LPO's physically to showroom.Second set collection. Avoids usage of multiple systems. Duplication of enries by BM/Bank SE.

ECO System

Auto Loan Application Management.


Tracking Auto Finance completion dates to extend new finance options to customers. Reporting mechanism to display current application status and volumes disbursed. System ability of releasing scanned second sets directly to Operations Unit. Provide live updates as per bank requirements additional info, credit requirements, customer cancellations, approvals, declines etc. Capacity to scan documents of large file sizes across all customer related segments. Capability to amend and add specified fields as per bank necessity. Capturing end to end customer details as per bank application forms (includes Salaried/Company). 01 02 03 04 05 06 07

System Capabilities

Quick end decisions and
reduction in TAT while
processing Auto applications.

Second set automation,
tracking systems to monitor
second disbursement
account for dealer payments.

Real time tracking of FNI
operations, performance
management insights.

Historical finance production
data and analysis to enable
new and future campaigns by
brand, month and location.

Dashboard - Ability to track
target volumes (monthly/yearly
commercials), application
status and TAT.

Ability to track and offer
existing clients new offers/
updated models
once finance nears completion
(preapproved cases).


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