Extended warranty

We offer AMAE (All Mechanical and All Electrical) cover as the standard level of cover for New Car and Certified Used Cars.

Extended warranty

Extended warranty covers the sudden and unforeseen breakdown or failure of a covered mechanical, electrical or electronic component causing the stoppage of its function for reasons other than wear & tear, negligence or lack of maintenance.


Eligibility, benefits and conditions related to coverage.

Eligibility for vehicles
below 7 years and
120,000 kilometres.

12 and 24 Months
coverage for certified
used cards.

Covers mechanical,
electrical and
electronic components.

Fully transferable

Eliminates out of
pocket expense.

Key Benefits

For dealer Enhance customer service;
Increase customer retention on sales, service and repairs;
Maximize profitability per vehicle.
For Customer Repairs are carried out at Dealer
Service facilities or at an authorised service centre.
Enhanced resale value (trade-in or sale);
Zero deductible.


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