TPA Services

Customized solutions delivered through a scalable tech platform.


TPA and Consultancy services fully tailored to clients precise goals and needs. We offer end to end policy and claims management on a modern tech platform offering Notice and Proof of Loss Management, Loss Mitigation, Loss Adjustment, Subrogation, Funds Management, Claims Payment, Bordereaux, Customer Reporting.

Online Portal capabilities
& Standard reporting

System Security Protocols

All systems are hosted at a high secure data center.

Change Control

Governance regime to manage application changes, testing and the promotion of changes in a controlled environment in place.

Isolation of data

Each Partner data is isolated that one cannot access the data of any other.


Data is managed with utmost care with suitable facilities for encryption & password protection.

Ownership of Data

The data related to the program will be co-owned by WayPoint Systems and the Dealership.

Real Time Updates

High level Real - time View of products, issuals, and claims using Online Portal Dashboard.

Web Application Security and Virus Protection

Protection against potential vulnerabilities or penetration that might impact system is in place and threats are resolved.

Monthly and Quarterly Reports

Monthly & Quarterly report on KPI, Sales,Underwriting Performances.

Technical Support

WayPoint in House IT & Development team provides support whenever necessary.

Disaster Recovery

Operational Risk Management Framework ensures recovery of data within 24 hours and can be fully functional within 48 hours.


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