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Differentiation is a word that is used a lot in the Automotive Industry. However, whilst it is very easy for businesses to write it on a website or in PowerPoint presentation, most fail to practice it. Instead, they do the same job, sell the same products, in the same way, only cheaper.

Of course, there are challenges. In a crowded market place, where one’s competitors are all shouting ‘look at me’ and over-promising, how does one really differentiate from the competition? And how does one not only attract business and customers but do so at viable prices that ensure profitability and allow the business to invest for the future?

The answer is to be truly different and by standing apart from the 'crowd'. Differentiation requires a business make a true commitment to offer innovative products but it is not always possible to continuously innovate and so true differentiation means to adopt a different ethos from one’s competitors, to pledge to always put the customers front and centre of one’s business, and to constantly strive to deliver only the very highest quality service to one’s customers.

Waypoint Systems has gained many years of experience in the Finance & Insurance industry across the GCC and Asia, and throughout we were determined to truly understand what our customers wanted and needed so we could offer exciting new products and programmes. Providing our customers, in turn, with the ability to differentiate their businesses from their competitors.

Board Of Directors

Dayan V Ipe
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

20+ years in insurance, Reinsurance, Third Party Administration and Financial Services.

Gireesh Ramachandran
Chief Finance Officer

A Chartered Accountant with 20+ year experience in Strategic planning, Pricing Strategies, Investment Appraisals, Acquisitions, Fund Management, Project Funding, Budgeting, Risk Management, Accounting & Audit

Shyam Ramlal
Director - Board Member

Co-Founder - TMT Connekt+ The World Mall. 25+ years in Digital Services Management, Marketing and eCommerce.

Rafiq Khan
Director - Board Member

Co-Founder - TMT Connekt + The World Mall. 25+ years in Digital Services Management, Marketing & eCommerce.

Our Team

Dayan V Ipe
Chief Executive Officer
Gireesh Ramachandran
Chief Finance Officer
Shibin Jacob
Vice President Projects
Rijeesh Kabeer
Head of HR and Finance
Sajai Jayan
General Manager – Claims & Service Provider Network
Rahul G
General Manager - Sales
Nobel Paulinose
General Manager Branch
Sales and Operations
Jayakrishnan Ramachandran
IT Operations and
Infrastructure Manager
Ajiss Benjamin
Senior Manager Client Relationship
Anil Pavithran
Senior Manager Claims
Benson Varghese
Senior Account Supervisor
Samiya Al Owaisi
Senior Sales Executive
Shahid Kareem
Claims Engineer
Maheswari Somasekhar
Finance Administrator
Eden Joy Erispe
Administrative Assistant
Jonna Caneba

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