Waypoint Systems FZCO, offer a diverse range of products and services. Our core strengths are Third Party Administration (TPA), F&I Platform Management, Insurance & Reinsurance, Enterprise Solutions etc. We cater to a wide variety of client segments that include Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Healthcare Services, Automotive, and Insurance.

We are constantly growing our presence in the Middle East region by offering a wide range of products and services to various clients all over the GCC region. Our partnerships and alliances with leading technology companies, banks and finance companies, insurance and reinsurance partners, both local and international have strengthened our portfolio. Our network of alliances and relationships empowers us to provide value innovation and accelerates our go-to-market capabilities.

Differentiation is a word that is used a lot in the Automotive Industry. However many fail to practice it. Just carrying out the same job selling the same products, outdoing the competitors on price alone. Of course this brings its challenges as how does one really differentiate oneself from the competitors and make incremental revenue?

The answer is to be truly different. Be apart from the ‘crowd’ and offer new innovative products to your Customers. Products that will offer benefits to everyone involved in the transaction. Generate new channels of business. Provide your new products to New Business Customers who in turn will supply your products to their end Customers, thus spreading the positive reputation and increase in both top line and bottom line revenues.

Way Point Systems provides comprehensive sales and administration platforms to supply New and innovative Insurance Products to ensure our clients can market itself a class leading Insurance Company that truly has market differentiation.

Through our years of experience in the Finance and Insurance industry across the GCC and Asia, we carry out research and development in order to bring exciting new products and programs to our Clients. Providing them with the ability to really differentiate from their competitors. Providing them with the ability to open up to new business channels, enhancing their market reach, ensuring to generate incremental lines of healthy revenues.

Way Point Systems do not just deliver a product. Our team carefully develop, map and plan the best products and route to market to ensure a successful delivery. We don’t finish there. We ensure performance is driven through detailed monthly reports and review meetings with our partners. A true management accounting capacity to bring about growth and sustained profitability.

  • Turn-key solutions
  • Re-Insured Products
  • Value added products
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Incremental Revenues
  • Economies of Scale
  • Leading Insurance Partners
  • Leading Banking & Finance Partners
  • A Rated Re-Insurers
  • Leading Insurance & Re-Insurances Brokers
  • Industry Experts
  • Administrators
  • F&I Managers
  • Claims Engineers
  • Marketing Support
  • On Call Support
  • Training
  • Comprehensive TPA Platform
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers
  • Business Development
  • Manufacturers/OEM
  • Dealers/Importers/Distributors
  • Pre-Owned Market
  • Consumer Goods
  • Telecommunication Operators
  • Banking & Financial Institutions