Our Promise is to Deliver Value

Waypoint Systems is an alliance partner of Automotive Solutions Group (ASG).

ASG is an Alliance between three established and respected organizations. Our Focus is to Enable our Automotive Partners
entire Financing, Process & Product requirements with World Class Solutions.

Waypoint Systems FZCO – an Automotive Centre of Excellence focused on Technology, Product Administration & Program Management for OEM’s, Retail Partners and Rated Insurers across the MENA Region & India.

Link 365 – provides a proven capability across the MENA region of Program Construction, Installation & Optimization, Working with Banking & Product Partners to Deliver a unique Value Proposition.

Tobell Insurance Services – with over 20 years operational expertise in the MENA region, respected Lloyd’s Broker and product provider across OEM’s & Automotive Retail Partners.

ASG is a Financial Services ‘Center of Excellence’ focused towards the Automotive sector, bringing Added Value Services, Product & Process Capability to our Partners.

We are Automotive, Insurance, Banking, Technology & Operations experts providing F&I Program solutions across the entire Automotive Value Chain.

Our focus is to Create Customer Centric Programs that Differentiate our Partners, and deliver Sustainable Revenue streams in a Robust and Compliant Environment.




Automotive F&I Brokerage & Product Sales


Revenue Development & Customer Retention Programs


Sales Process Optimization & Technology

Leading Industry Expertise & Pioneers

  • Operating across UK, MENA, India, USA markets, with extensive Automotive & Financial Services Expertise.
  • A Journey that leverages experience from GE, OEM’s, Al Futtaim, Lloyd’s of London and Banking.
  • Credible and proven ability to partner with banks and insurers
  • Disciplined in Lean Six Sigma, NPS, ISO and CAP tools.
  • Leveraging our Market Leading Partners solutions to Enhance value and Drive Sales.

Focus Areas

  • Evaluate Current Profitability & Forecast
  • Process Evaluation & Create SOP
  • Deploy Systems with Real Time Reporting & KPI Tracking
  • Develop KPI Incentive Plans
  • Approval & Fulfillment Process Optimization
  • F&I Recruitment, Training & Development
  • Ongoing Operational Management

Key Outcomes

  • A Seamless Customer Brand Experience that guides the Customer & Sales Team through an Optimized Standard Operating Procedure
  • Maximizing Approval Rates
  • Building a Secondary Income line
  • Driving improvements in the Ownership Change Cycle, Customer Retention and CPOV opportunity.
  • Increasing Vehicle Sales
  • Improvements in CSI and Customer Experience