Warranty Management Software

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Warranty Management Software

TPA Online - Warranty Administration Platform

Way Point Systems offers a comprehensive administration and consultancy solutions to OEM’s, Importers and Dealers to design, develop and implement value added products for their customers, which will vastly improve customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and retention.

The range of services includes administration software modules for different value added products, re-insurance consultancy services, claims administration and claims audit services. In addition to these services, Way Point offer a cloud based warranty administration services on a Fee Per Transaction (FPT) basis, which includes data warehousing and re-insurance management.
In today’s automotive industry, the need for a complete automated administration system for ancillary products is huge because OEM’s and dealers are giving incentives to their customers in the form of extended service contracts, extended warranty, assistance products, gap insurance etc… It has become a trend that most dealerships or OEM’s prefer to run a tailor-made in-house program, which gives them greater control over the program and allows them to be flexible with customers in terms of claims assessments. It is also evident that, as the automotive industry is growing at an increasing pace, many insurance companies in the regions are also launching warranty programs and GAP plans.

The In House Development vs. Licensed Solutions

All organizations face the dilemma of making a decision, whether to develop an in-house solution or to purchase a licensed one. Answering the below questions will make that decision clear:

How will the application fit the requirements?
The TPA Online solution is developed by professionals with several years of sales, administration and re-insurance experience. It is a complete administration solution which can be implemented with little or no modification.

Can it be configured to fit future requirements?
The system is built on the most modern application and has the ability to accommodate any future requirements. It can be modified to work based on new business rules. Contracts can be modified to suit new requirements. Continuous improvement of the system, periodic updates and maintenance are provided by Way Point Systems. The system can be integrated to any Enterprise solution with ease.

When will the complete system be delivered?
In comparison to in-house developed systems, the licensed software can be delivered and implemented much quicker.

What are the overall development and maintenance costs?
The overall development cost might be significantly higher for an In-House solution as it may require some resources from the core business to put in significant time throughout the development phase. The maintenance is also expensive as this might need dedicated software engineers throughout the year, and might also utilize resources from core businesses to work on some cases. In the case of a licensed solution like the TPA Online, the license fee is a one-time cost and the maintenance is handled by Way Point System, who maintains a core competency in the application.

Implementation Plans

TPA OnLine is a complete administration system that can administer multiple products with greater flexibility and efficiency. The software can be implemented in one of the following models:

1. Client License:
The client is issued the software license and the software is installed on servers owned by the client. The license is charged per server for the kernel software, which includes the license fee and the annual maintenance fee. Advanced features and benefits are available with an additional license fee. The client will be responsible for the infrastructure, operating system, internet services, database, disaster recovery etc.

2. Hosted Service:
Way Point Systems will install and maintain the solution for the client in our datacenter and will provide a fully managed service to include hardware, software, operating system, database, network, internet connectivity etc... A fee is charged per transaction to cover the overall cost.
Way Point System also offers a wide range of services which include complete third party administration services, re-insurance consultancy and management.



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