School Management Software

A Fully Integrated Institution Management Solution

School Management Software

A Fully Integrated Institution Management Solution

A Fully Integrated Institution Management Solution

CAMPUSLIVE a trendsetter product from Cirkle is one of the leading School Management Software worldwide. Online version of Scool Manager (CampusLive) is also available now, which is the most feature rich product in its category.

A fully integrated Institute Administration Software which is designed as a complete suite of features that the best educational software you can have. Campus Live is customized, easy to afford and most user-friendly Software for small, medium and large schools, institutes, Colleges and academies.

Campus Live is capable of managing every department and activity of the Schools.


Development Tool: It has been developed using the latest Technology based on Microsoft Visual Studio/Microsoft Visual.Net Studio 2010, inclusive of ASP.NET, C#.NET and VB.NET.

Database: MS SQL Server 2008/2012

Quality Assurance:
It has a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) which covers all areas of the third party software maintenance process. All project management plans, quality plans, configuration management plans and other operational processes will be followed as per QMS. We shall also ensure that requirements of CLIENT, as per their quality standards, are followed during the project cycle.

Available Modules

1 Front Office Management
2 Visitors Management
3 Document Management
4 Registration
5 Admission Test
6 Admission Management
7 Course/Class Allocation
8 Fee Management
9 Financial Accounting With Fee Posting, Voucher Authorization, Ledger Maintenance, Sub Ledgers,
10 Daybook, Cashbook, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit Loss, Income and Expenditure
11 Library
12 Inventory Store Management
13 Point of Sale/Tuck Shop
14 Hostel Management
15 Mess/Canteen/Cafeteria Management
16 Health/Infirmary
16 Attendance (Students)
17 Human Resource Management
18 Payroll Management
19 Transport Management
20 Feedback
21 Document Management
22 Events Management
23 SMS (Short Messaging Service)
24 Examination Management
25 Assignments/Assessments
26 Curriculum
27 Performance Based Grading
28 Flexible Weightage Management
29 Time Table (Automated with multiple options)
30 Substitution Management
31 Session Management
32 Observation Management
33 Employee Remarks Management
34 Profile Based Security
35 User Management
36 Alumni Management
37 Users Activity Logging
38 Database Security (User based/Form Based/Role Based) Security Model
40 CMS Based Website Included
41 Student Portal
42 Parents Portal
43 Teachers Portal
44 Teachers Portal
45 Administrative Portal
46 eLearning (New Feature Added)

Portal offers the following features:




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