Nursery Management Solution

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Nursery Management Solution

Way Point Systems Early Years™ Nursery Management Solution is designed to improve business efficiency, increase profitability, reduce your running costs and save precious time so that you can spend more of it with those in your care.
The Early Years™ NMS is Developed using the latest Microsoft.NET technology and the application will meet the very specific needs of nurseries that not only need a system to manage their day to day operations, but one that can also deal with the ever changing reporting requirements they have. The result is a powerfully comprehensive, very easy-to-use system that allows nurseries to confidently manage all aspects of their business efficiently and professionally.

1.Software Features

Grade Module:
The Grade module is used to store and manage information related to the different sections offered by your Nursery.
Fee Master:
The Fees Module is used to define the different types of fees charged by your Nursery. Once the different types of fees are defined using this module, they can be linked to classes or students. This includes Hourly rate option for Day Care facility offered.
Parent Input Screen:
The Parent screen is used to enter information about the families of the students in your Nursery. The Parent record created in this module will be available as Lookups in various screens that require family information.
Student Data Input Screen:
The Student screen is used to store and manage information related to the students studying in your Nursery.
Transaction Screen: The Transactions screen is used to process the accounts related transactions occurring in a particular term. For Day Care fee calculation, the administrator has to enter the number of hours a child has spent in the nursery and then the system will calculate fees accordingly.
EMAIL - According to the setup created, on each specified date, At predefined intervals system will send reports to administration Staff.

2.Process Flow

1.Initial Setup – Creating Master Files As part of the initial setup, the system admin should set up the Master Files in the system. The Master files define Grades and Fee Structures. Data import will be possible upon receiving the required data in specified format as well as matching the fields.
2.Registering Parents/Student information
Enter details of parents and students into the system and associate fee type to a particular student.
3.Fee Processing/Collection
Every month/term admin should process fee for that period and accordingly the system will generate fees voucher for each student which will enable class teacher/office administrator to collect fees against each fee voucher.
a) Invoice
b) Receipt
c) Ledger Student Wise
d) Ledger Term Wise
e) Student Details
f) Student Nationality
g) Student Religion
h) Student Medicine details
i) Student Comments details
j) Student Blood Group
k) Pending Fees to collect
a.Section Wise
b.Parent Wise
c.Student Wise
l) Amount Collected
a.Section Wise
b.Parent Wise
c.Student Wise

Registration Functions

1. Child Records, including Name, DOB, Joining Date Contact details , Parent details, Passport details ,Dietary Requirements, Allergy & Medical Information
2. Family Details including Emergency Contact Information, Medical Contact Details
3. Induction Checklist
4. Store documents, imagesand Photographs
5. Health Information
6. Allergy details
7. Special Instructions

Financial Functions

1. Statements to date
2. Invoice and Payment Details
3. List of payments received between any dates (list for any child or whole nursery)
4. List of payments received grouped by Cash, Cheque, Vouchers
5. List of invoice totals
6. List of balances fees due to date
7. Export Reports & Summaries to Excel

E-Mail Functions

1. Microsoft Outlook Integratione
2. Create Personalized Letters
3. Labels or E-mails using data by students, class
4. Invoices, statements, letters etc. can be saved as 'PDF files for archiving or emailing‘
5. Create Templates to reproduce documents quickly and efficiently when required
6. Send E-Mails with attachments, i.e. Newsletters