Laundry Management

In an information economy, the ability to find files and documents fast is critical. RFID technology is the technology helping businesses reduce the time it takes to inventory client records and locate misplaced files

RFID - Laundry Management Solution

Laundry management is a complex operation that has a tremendous bearing on individuals and organizations for whom their garments are a veritable extension of their images. Business and businesses can depend a great deal on great attire and a good set up. Quality and timeliness of delivery together with taking care of special washing, drying and storing/packaging instructions emerge as the key differentiators in this industry.

Way Point Systems RFID enabled Laundry Management is an ideal solution for laundromats that offer extended services of pick-up and delivery. It is a reliable end-to-end process-based solution that efficiently manages the logistics involved. The implementation hardware of RFID based laundry management includes RFID antenna/reader Xtenna™, HandyScanna™ (Hand-held reader), RFID based specialized Aqua™ tags that can withstand high wash temperatures and personna™ tags.


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