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Because there is only so much, one can do

It’s not just business that you would be managing while running a nursery, Nursery owners must attend to each and every request from those who are currently in their care. And still your success over taking the best care of these kids won’t qualify your nursery as a successful venture. It would only be determined by the Profit you make.

You might be proficient at multitasking but that is not the question here. To be great at managing business and creating greater profits you must yield the power of data and take help from technological advancements.

That is why Waypoint Systems has designed for Nursery Owners a software solution that while keeping them attached with business aspects does not disintegrates them from their caring nature. EarlyYears – Nursery Management Solution allows you to take care of your business exceeding the best of your abilities and helps you to be recognized as an Entrepreneur.

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Using EarlyYears you can do so much more!

Learn about your business

All the data captured in your business would be captured in our solution and you can access it anytime to learn how your business respond to changes, where your business is losing more money, what has been the most profitable decision, etc. You can also design reports that are based on your metrics to assess the profitability of your Nursery

Run your business like a machine

Adapt to the automated processes of Nursery Business and take actions on-time as per schedule. No need to manually calculate fees or keep a check over the calendar for due date's system would automatically remind about the collection dates and the fee amount. System generated invoices can be directly mailed to the parents before due date and stored onto your system for record management.

Customize as per your need

Don’t want to change processes that are profitable to you. No worries, customize our software as per your needs and requirements. Our solution allows you to define your choice from the various combinations possible in different areas of the business. We would help you choose the best suitable option during the setup and even after that you are in control to change the choice anytime.

Take better care!

You take care of so much on your own, let us help you to take care in the best manner possible. EarlyYears would allow to store even information about student’s food, medicines and allergies to help you in paying more attention where it is required.

All this at a Monthly Subscription of AED 750!

A special promotional Subscription price that is valid till the Offer lasts. It excludes only an initial one-time setup cost of AED 1500. After paying this initial setup cost we will install the system at your location and help you setup all the options based on your business requirements. We have a minimum subscription of two years but once you utilize EarlyYears in your day to day operations we are confident you won't leave.

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