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KHDA Private Schools Ratings

It is not always the money invested that can lead your school to a higher KHDA rating. Often one neglects the power of right management (may it be resource management, administration or funds management) and the effective techniques used to improve education standards in schools.

Following are the five best practices KHDA is going to look for in schools in Dubai this year.

Special Education Needs (SEN)

Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau has increased the focus on special needs assessment in its updated inspection guidelines. Following is expected from schools to support SEN:

  • Schools should maintain a relevant curriculum that can be modified to meet the needs of all students, including those with learning difficulties or special talents.
  • All children with special education needs (SEN) and disabilities should be able to reach their full potential in school.
  • They should also be supported to make a successful transition into adulthood, whether into employment, further or higher education or training.

For more information: Special Education Needs

Effective School Management Solution

Many schools running on a limited budget often think that going for a school management solution is beyond their means and would incur extra cost. The fact is that having a good school management solution would aid them in standardizing school procedures and utilize the school resources and staff in the most effective manner. For example, a good library management

School management Solution dubai

School Management Solution

software would help them manage books and the library in a lesser time thereby engaging the staff in other productive activities and utilizing them more effectively.

If you have a slightly higher budget, following school solutions are the new buzz in the town this year.

  • RFID Student Tracking on School Transport.
  • RFID Canteen Management
  • RFID Library Management

To learn more on this: School Management Solutions Dubai

Arabic & Islamic Education & Heritage Awareneness

Dubai Government has taken initiative to preserve local heritage and improve the overall standards of Arabic and Islamic Education in schools.

KHDA has put special emphasis on recruitment of Arabic and Islamic teachers due to the poor student performance in Arabic and Islamic Education across private schools in Dubai.

We have informed the schools of our new selection process, explaining the rationale behind it. In June 2013 we received applications from 92 new Arabic and Islamic Education teachers, 18 of whom were granted teaching appointment letters,” said Jameela Al Muhairi, Chief of Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau.Moves have also been put in place to improve the existing standard of teaching in both Arabic and Islamic Education in private schools. We seek our stakeholders’ cooperation in providing better learning opportunities for students by ensuring the recruitment of effective teachers in these two key subjects.

Teaching, Learning & Assessment

The Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau will make sure that the teachers hired are fully qualified. The DSIB is going to assess the following skills in the teachers:

School Management Dubai

Active Learning Approach

  • Strong subject knowledge.
  • Promote imaginative, creative thinking skills in children.
  • The use of  Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in learning.
  • Active Learning Approach.
  • Regular & accurate benchmarking & tracking of students’ attainment and progress.
  • Assessment data to be used effectively to plan next steps.
  • Self and peer assessment to strengthen self-management in children.

Students’ Personal & Social Development

The Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau is very particular about the children’s development. They closely observe the students in the class to look for the following skills being promoted by the teachers.

  • Leadership skills in children.
  • Self-discipline and maturity.
  • Response to advice and guidance.
  • Empathy for humans, animals and environment.
  • Healthy lifestyles.

We, at Way Point Systems, provide Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based school management solutions in Dubai. Do you want to improve your school’s rating by effective school management? Are you planning to implement a school solution but have some doubts? Talk to us – share with us your thoughts and plans as we’re here to hear you out!

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