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Task – “A piece of Work to be undertaken”


Our Jobs are comprised of Tasks, these tasks are to be undertaken and completed within their given time frame. Some tasks are to be performed on a regular time interval such as daily, monthly, yearly, etc. While some tasks are to be performed only at a particular time due to circumstantial changes or business problem. These irregular tasks affect the regular tasks and cause inefficiency. Inefficiency is the excess amount of time, money or resources we spend while conducting a task. Inefficiencies are like weeds in the plantation unit, wherever you are not paying enough attention it will feed on the resources and bloom. If these inefficiencies are not eradicated it will not allow the business to grow. Inefficiency affects Business Performance and doesn’t allow the business to achieve its goals.


Our idea is not to lecture you about such common business terms but to make you understand the importance of what we build as a product in EarlyYears and how crucial it is for the Nursery businesses.


Every business has a set of goals that must be achieved through the collective efforts of the business organization in a given period of time. And like every business, Nursery business would also have such goals, we identified that generally such goals pertain to increase in the revenue of current Nursery and further growing the reach by adding new locations to their business.


The one crucial aspect that could help Nursery to achieve such goal is when they provide an exceptional service and experience to the students of the Nursery, they must care for these students with undivided attention.


EarlyYears development team got help from Nursery owners and found crucial aspect that are involved in creating and achieving such experiences. The development team then moved to various industry experts to identify processes that cause excess efforts on part of Nursery staff and are very crucial for managing Nursery business. These efforts led to creation of EarlyYears a technological aide to each and every Nursery Business which allows Nursery staff to focus on what is most essential, providing exceptional experiences.


EarlyYears is being introduced for a promotional price currently in UAE. The promotional price is valid till the offers last. So, Hurry Up!



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