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 A company might be dealing with more than one bank at a single point of time and this poses the possibility of handling different cheque sizes and of course, the printer settings might vary too. Therefore printing of cheques from a system might be a challenge. Many companies are on the look out for an ERP system which provides this option. SEAM ERP offered by Way Point Systems helps you in accommodating all these. The Cheque Print option provided by our system can perform this action with a few easy to carry out steps and the cheque size can be varied as required in the Settings.

This option allows you to print a cheque in any status; be it Posted or Unposted. The only pre-requisite is that Main account has to be defined for the Bank or the branch to enable this feature. The option is available in Payables > Payables Entry. A Fetch All option would list all the payable entries made here.




You can choose any of these entries where a cheque payment has to be/has been made by double clicking and opening it which reveals the entire details of this document.


chq print


At the bottom right of the document, there is an option to Print Cheque. The transaction code, name, cheque date, cheque number and the entity who receives the cheque is displayed when you open the document. There is an add-on option to even specify if this an Account payee cheque by ticking a check box. Click on Print and it will display the preview of the Cheque to be printed. There are provisions to print or export the cheque as required.




Advantages of having a Cheque Print on ERP system


  • Easy to track your payment and cheque issuance
  • Reduced time and cost for financial auditing, reconciliation and storage
  • Security and audit trail of financial transactions
  • Approval cycle can be set up, if required
  • Predictable cash flow
  • Payment precision
  • Improved payee satisfaction
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