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Retail domain offers almost everything that a consumer desires for a smooth life – Home appliances, garments, perfumes, food products and so on. What looks from the periphery like a simple customer interaction poses a few challenges to the retailer

  • Management of stock and suppliers
  • Ensuring customer loyalty
  • The right products and pricing
  • Accurate sales and account management
  • Zeroing in on improvement steps based on historical data
  • Keeping up with technical updates in the industry


Mostly a POS (Point of Sales) system is looked upon as a solution to the above mentioned issues faced by businesses. Though it might work for a few brick and mortar businesses, a conventional stationary POS cannot be considered as a flawless solution because of the following reasons:

  • Sales is confined to physical store points
  • It requires different hardware and software components thus reducing mobility
  • The total cost of the system will be on the higher side because of multiple components

Here is where Way Point System offers an all-in-one solution to keep your business abreast with the emerging developments in the retails industry.  We provide a bundled mobile solution which consists of the handheld device and POS solution which in turn can be integrated with payment gateway of banks. It consists of the following components in a single package – inbuilt   IC Reader for card reading, hard key pad for pin entry, Camera, Bar Code Scanner and a thermal printer.

mobile devices

The POS application has an option to capture customer details to manage loyalty programs and promotional schemes. Way Point can offer you the mobile POS application alone which can be hosted on any mobile device catering to your requirements.


Our system offers the below mentioned advantages over a conventional system:

  • Increases the mobility required for online sales and delivery and in shops as well
  • Can be a standalone system with a back end or can be integrated with any ERP system
  • Total cost of the system will be way less than adding up the cost of the components individually
  • Eliminates queues, reduces customer waiting time and improves customer satisfaction
  • Integration with the payment gateway of the bank increases the security of financial transactions
  • Frees up the floor space in shops with less number of stationary POS
  • More sales opportunities
  • Real time data readily available for analysis
  • Capture customer details for loyalty programs
  • Optimal resource utilization

Our services include:

  • Software solutions with 12 months maintenance contracts.
  • Hardware with 12 months warranty
  • Onsite training





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