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Reminiscing the early career days, reminds me of my first job interview, when I was handed a questionnaire to calculate my Emotional Quotient (EQ). I wondered to myself, have I entered the right place or have I bumped into a psychotherapist! At that time, I probably didn’t know how important it is for an employer to know what kind of person he is about to hire in order to extract maximum utilization of him.
The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) together make up our Personality Quotient (PQ).
Personality Quotient
We often spend years understanding and evaluating others based on our interactions and life experiences that we remain unconscious of our own selves. In order to get the best out of one self, we need to understand ourselves deep down.
Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, you can categorize yourself into one of the sixteen personality types.


These type indicators would really help you in identifying whether you are struggling in the right direction or you need to redefine your path.
• Know your true potential
Instead of making unfair comparisons of yourselves with the world, know your true potential.


• The Value of not giving up
Ever wondered, a huge animal like an elephant being tied to a chain in a zoo or circus and it never runs away! When it is young, it is tied to a chain and would kick and fight back in order to get free. It would not succeed.
Circus Elephant As it grows older and more powerful, it is still tied to that same chain. If it were to kick and fight now, the chain would simply break apart. But did the elephant try to break free? No. It didn’t bother giving it another shot because it knew from experience that it was useless. It was so conditioned to failure, that he never bothered thinking about trying again now.

Are you being the circus elephant or you know the value of not giving up?

• Exploit your Negatives
No one is perfect. Everyone has negatives then why not exploit them in the best of our interests.

The key lies in knowing yourself and once the door is open, the world is all yours…

About the author: Humaira Farooq is Myers Briggs INFJ, currently working with Way Point Systems in Dubai, UAE.

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