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School Management can be a tedious task. Lots of redundant entries and unnecessary filing can drive the administration staff crazy. It takes quite some time to retrieve particular information from the loads of paper bundles stacked on top of another. This crucially affects the staff performance with work hours being wasted instead of being utilized in productive school improvements.

The challenge lies in effective management and proper organization of different departments to work as a whole and at the same time operative in their own hexagon.

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The idea is to provide a centralized data management paradigm with a single identification (ID) card for students which can be used for multiple things i.e. a single card can be used for attendance and access control, canteen, library and school transport etc. Each entity has a controlled access to the staff depending upon their role in the organization.

Listed below are the different entities which can be seamlessly embedded together as a single unit to achieve the honeycomb effect.

Admission & Waiting List

• Students’ registration, enrollment and all the admission procedures
• The issuance of RFID enabled student ID card
• Waiting list record on your set priorities

Child Profiling & Management
• Child Profile
• Parents Details
• Emergency contacts
• Passport & visa documents
• Health & Safety Records
• Behavior and Achievements Records
• Fee Records

Attendance & Access Control
• Daily Registers using RFID technology
• Logging in/out timings of students
• Early child pickup automatically recorded using RFID readers
• Controlled access to school premises.

Library Management
• RFID enabled student ID serves as student’s library membership card
• All books and library materials tagged using RFID labels
• Library software to manage library books and DVDs.
• Automatic check in/out of books at the library counter with student’s details recorded against each book issue.

Canteen Management
• Student ID also serves as a Debit card
• Easy cash load facility for the parents
• Parents can put food restrictions and monitor child’s order history to ensure healthy food choices
• Periodic SMS alerts regarding card balance

Student Tracking on School Bus
• RFID enabled student tracking on boarding/disembarking from school bus
• Data transmission in real time through GPRS
• GPS tracking to track buses and stop points
• SMS alerts to parents as soon as the child is dropped home
• Effective management of students to board the right school bus when leaving school

We, at Way Point Systems, provide Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based school management solutions in Dubai. Do you want to improve your school’s rating by effective school management? Are you planning to implement a school solution but have some doubts? Talk to us – share with us your thoughts and plans as we’re here to hear you out!

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