Task – “A piece of Work to be undertaken”


Our Jobs are comprised of Tasks, these tasks are to be undertaken and completed within their given time frame. Some tasks are to be performed on a regular time interval such as daily, monthly, yearly, etc. While some tasks are to be performed only at a particular time due to circumstantial changes or business problem. These irregular tasks affect the regular tasks and cause inefficiency. Inefficiency is the excess amount of time, money or resources we spend while conducting a task. Inefficiencies are like weeds in the plantation unit, wherever you are not paying enough attention it will feed on the resources and bloom. If these inefficiencies are not eradicated it will not allow the business to grow. Inefficiency affects Business Performance and doesn’t allow the business to achieve its goals.


Our idea is not to lecture you about such common business terms but to make you understand the importance of what we build as a product in EarlyYears and how crucial it is for the Nursery businesses.


Every business has a set of goals that must be achieved through the collective efforts of the business organization in a given period of time. And like every business, Nursery business would also have such goals, we identified that generally such goals pertain to increase in the revenue of current Nursery and further growing the reach by adding new locations to their business.


The one crucial aspect that could help Nursery to achieve such goal is when they provide an exceptional service and experience to the students of the Nursery, they must care for these students with undivided attention.


EarlyYears development team got help from Nursery owners and found crucial aspect that are involved in creating and achieving such experiences. The development team then moved to various industry experts to identify processes that cause excess efforts on part of Nursery staff and are very crucial for managing Nursery business. These efforts led to creation of EarlyYears a technological aide to each and every Nursery Business which allows Nursery staff to focus on what is most essential, providing exceptional experiences.


EarlyYears is being introduced for a promotional price currently in UAE. The promotional price is valid till the offers last. So, Hurry Up!



CALL – +971 4 372 4438, +971 56 177 0826

Mail –  earlyyears@waypoint-systems.com

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 A company might be dealing with more than one bank at a single point of time and this poses the possibility of handling different cheque sizes and of course, the printer settings might vary too. Therefore printing of cheques from a system might be a challenge. Many companies are on the look out for an ERP system which provides this option. SEAM ERP offered by Way Point Systems helps you in accommodating all these. The Cheque Print option provided by our system can perform this action with a few easy to carry out steps and the cheque size can be varied as required in the Settings.

This option allows you to print a cheque in any status; be it Posted or Unposted. The only pre-requisite is that Main account has to be defined for the Bank or the branch to enable this feature. The option is available in Payables > Payables Entry. A Fetch All option would list all the payable entries made here.




You can choose any of these entries where a cheque payment has to be/has been made by double clicking and opening it which reveals the entire details of this document.


chq print


At the bottom right of the document, there is an option to Print Cheque. The transaction code, name, cheque date, cheque number and the entity who receives the cheque is displayed when you open the document. There is an add-on option to even specify if this an Account payee cheque by ticking a check box. Click on Print and it will display the preview of the Cheque to be printed. There are provisions to print or export the cheque as required.




Advantages of having a Cheque Print on ERP system


  • Easy to track your payment and cheque issuance
  • Reduced time and cost for financial auditing, reconciliation and storage
  • Security and audit trail of financial transactions
  • Approval cycle can be set up, if required
  • Predictable cash flow
  • Payment precision
  • Improved payee satisfaction
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Retail domain offers almost everything that a consumer desires for a smooth life – Home appliances, garments, perfumes, food products and so on. What looks from the periphery like a simple customer interaction poses a few challenges to the retailer

  • Management of stock and suppliers
  • Ensuring customer loyalty
  • The right products and pricing
  • Accurate sales and account management
  • Zeroing in on improvement steps based on historical data
  • Keeping up with technical updates in the industry


Mostly a POS (Point of Sales) system is looked upon as a solution to the above mentioned issues faced by businesses. Though it might work for a few brick and mortar businesses, a conventional stationary POS cannot be considered as a flawless solution because of the following reasons:

  • Sales is confined to physical store points
  • It requires different hardware and software components thus reducing mobility
  • The total cost of the system will be on the higher side because of multiple components

Here is where Way Point System offers an all-in-one solution to keep your business abreast with the emerging developments in the retails industry.  We provide a bundled mobile solution which consists of the handheld device and POS solution which in turn can be integrated with payment gateway of banks. It consists of the following components in a single package – inbuilt   IC Reader for card reading, hard key pad for pin entry, Camera, Bar Code Scanner and a thermal printer.

mobile devices

The POS application has an option to capture customer details to manage loyalty programs and promotional schemes. Way Point can offer you the mobile POS application alone which can be hosted on any mobile device catering to your requirements.


Our system offers the below mentioned advantages over a conventional system:

  • Increases the mobility required for online sales and delivery and in shops as well
  • Can be a standalone system with a back end or can be integrated with any ERP system
  • Total cost of the system will be way less than adding up the cost of the components individually
  • Eliminates queues, reduces customer waiting time and improves customer satisfaction
  • Integration with the payment gateway of the bank increases the security of financial transactions
  • Frees up the floor space in shops with less number of stationary POS
  • More sales opportunities
  • Real time data readily available for analysis
  • Capture customer details for loyalty programs
  • Optimal resource utilization

Our services include:

  • Software solutions with 12 months maintenance contracts.
  • Hardware with 12 months warranty
  • Onsite training





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RFID technology, despite being costly is replacing the conventional barcode technology. The businesses worldwide are making this transition because of the many benefits of RFID over the conventional identification methods.Barcode-vs-RFID

  •  Line of sight is not required.
  • The tags can withstand harsh environments.
  • Long read range.
  • Portable database
  • Multiple tags can be read/written.
  • Tracking people, items, and equipment in real time.

For example, RFID enables Wal-Mart to improve the efficiency of its global supply chain management through greater supply chain visibility and more accurate ordering decisions. Just in Time (JIT) ordering enables Wal-Mart to decrease the costs associated with inefficient inventory decisions and handling. Ordering and sales are more closely aligned, decreasing the intensity of Bullwhip effects.

 RFID and Logistics

Asset Tracking had never been that easy. With the use of RFID technology, inventory management as well as service and maintenance functions can be optimized. Information is available with the asset and helps to control and optimize a process chain. The user can instantly determine the general location of tagged assets anywhere within a facility with the help of RFID technology. Control point detection zones at strategic locations throughout the facility allow the user to define and monitor logical zones.

 RFID and Livestock Management

Livestock tracking using RFID tracking can help in  disease control and  theft prevention and maintaining origin records of animals.

 livestock management


RFID and School Management

The concept of a single RFID card system has attracted many schools to embrace this newest technology. From student tracking to canteen management, the RFID card encapsulates all the major school operations.

 Use of RFID in Libraries Worldwide

According to a survey done by Primary Research Group from the sample data collected from different parts of the world

  • 82.86% of public libraries plan to install self-checkout machines, compared to 44.83% of academic libraries
  • Libraries in the sample saved a mean of $8,280 through better theft control due to the implementation of RFID
  • In libraries that employ RFID, a mean of 85.27% of all physical items are tracked with this technology, with some libraries tracking 100% of their collections this way
  • On average, libraries paid $0.32 per piece for individual RFID tags

If the library has already employed RFID, what percentage of physical material items (books, DVDs, etc) are tracked by RFID?  

Type of Library




















RFID and Events Management

Dubai is amongst the most happening places in the world. It is the host to many exhibitions, conferences, concerts,


sports and other public events. In order to give a better feel to the delegates and HNI’s, many event organizing companies have made a move
to RFID technology in the form of RFID enabled badges or wristbands. This does not only give a red carpet experience to these high profile individuals but can help in marketing offerings, enhance attendee analysis, and add value to lead generation and sales activities by tracking the movement of attendees.

Go Smart, Go RFID!


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Reminiscing the early career days, reminds me of my first job interview, when I was handed a questionnaire to calculate my Emotional Quotient (EQ). I wondered to myself, have I entered the right place or have I bumped into a psychotherapist! At that time, I probably didn’t know how important it is for an employer to know what kind of person he is about to hire in order to extract maximum utilization of him.
The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) together make up our Personality Quotient (PQ).
Personality Quotient
We often spend years understanding and evaluating others based on our interactions and life experiences that we remain unconscious of our own selves. In order to get the best out of one self, we need to understand ourselves deep down.
Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, you can categorize yourself into one of the sixteen personality types.


These type indicators would really help you in identifying whether you are struggling in the right direction or you need to redefine your path.
• Know your true potential
Instead of making unfair comparisons of yourselves with the world, know your true potential.


• The Value of not giving up
Ever wondered, a huge animal like an elephant being tied to a chain in a zoo or circus and it never runs away! When it is young, it is tied to a chain and would kick and fight back in order to get free. It would not succeed.
Circus Elephant As it grows older and more powerful, it is still tied to that same chain. If it were to kick and fight now, the chain would simply break apart. But did the elephant try to break free? No. It didn’t bother giving it another shot because it knew from experience that it was useless. It was so conditioned to failure, that he never bothered thinking about trying again now.

Are you being the circus elephant or you know the value of not giving up?

• Exploit your Negatives
No one is perfect. Everyone has negatives then why not exploit them in the best of our interests.

The key lies in knowing yourself and once the door is open, the world is all yours…

About the author: Humaira Farooq is Myers Briggs INFJ, currently working with Way Point Systems in Dubai, UAE.

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School Management can be a tedious task. Lots of redundant entries and unnecessary filing can drive the administration staff crazy. It takes quite some time to retrieve particular information from the loads of paper bundles stacked on top of another. This crucially affects the staff performance with work hours being wasted instead of being utilized in productive school improvements.

The challenge lies in effective management and proper organization of different departments to work as a whole and at the same time operative in their own hexagon.

honeycomb (1)

The idea is to provide a centralized data management paradigm with a single identification (ID) card for students which can be used for multiple things i.e. a single card can be used for attendance and access control, canteen, library and school transport etc. Each entity has a controlled access to the staff depending upon their role in the organization.

Listed below are the different entities which can be seamlessly embedded together as a single unit to achieve the honeycomb effect.

Admission & Waiting List

• Students’ registration, enrollment and all the admission procedures
• The issuance of RFID enabled student ID card
• Waiting list record on your set priorities

Child Profiling & Management
• Child Profile
• Parents Details
• Emergency contacts
• Passport & visa documents
• Health & Safety Records
• Behavior and Achievements Records
• Fee Records

Attendance & Access Control
• Daily Registers using RFID technology
• Logging in/out timings of students
• Early child pickup automatically recorded using RFID readers
• Controlled access to school premises.

Library Management
• RFID enabled student ID serves as student’s library membership card
• All books and library materials tagged using RFID labels
• Library software to manage library books and DVDs.
• Automatic check in/out of books at the library counter with student’s details recorded against each book issue.

Canteen Management
• Student ID also serves as a Debit card
• Easy cash load facility for the parents
• Parents can put food restrictions and monitor child’s order history to ensure healthy food choices
• Periodic SMS alerts regarding card balance

Student Tracking on School Bus
• RFID enabled student tracking on boarding/disembarking from school bus
• Data transmission in real time through GPRS
• GPS tracking to track buses and stop points
• SMS alerts to parents as soon as the child is dropped home
• Effective management of students to board the right school bus when leaving school

We, at Way Point Systems, provide Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based school management solutions in Dubai. Do you want to improve your school’s rating by effective school management? Are you planning to implement a school solution but have some doubts? Talk to us – share with us your thoughts and plans as we’re here to hear you out!

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School Rating Dubai

KHDA Private Schools Ratings

It is not always the money invested that can lead your school to a higher KHDA rating. Often one neglects the power of right management (may it be resource management, administration or funds management) and the effective techniques used to improve education standards in schools.

Following are the five best practices KHDA is going to look for in schools in Dubai this year.

Special Education Needs (SEN)

Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau has increased the focus on special needs assessment in its updated inspection guidelines. Following is expected from schools to support SEN:

  • Schools should maintain a relevant curriculum that can be modified to meet the needs of all students, including those with learning difficulties or special talents.
  • All children with special education needs (SEN) and disabilities should be able to reach their full potential in school.
  • They should also be supported to make a successful transition into adulthood, whether into employment, further or higher education or training.

For more information: Special Education Needs

Effective School Management Solution

Many schools running on a limited budget often think that going for a school management solution is beyond their means and would incur extra cost. The fact is that having a good school management solution would aid them in standardizing school procedures and utilize the school resources and staff in the most effective manner. For example, a good library management

School management Solution dubai

School Management Solution

software would help them manage books and the library in a lesser time thereby engaging the staff in other productive activities and utilizing them more effectively.

If you have a slightly higher budget, following school solutions are the new buzz in the town this year.

  • RFID Student Tracking on School Transport.
  • RFID Canteen Management
  • RFID Library Management

To learn more on this: School Management Solutions Dubai

Arabic & Islamic Education & Heritage Awareneness

Dubai Government has taken initiative to preserve local heritage and improve the overall standards of Arabic and Islamic Education in schools.

KHDA has put special emphasis on recruitment of Arabic and Islamic teachers due to the poor student performance in Arabic and Islamic Education across private schools in Dubai.

We have informed the schools of our new selection process, explaining the rationale behind it. In June 2013 we received applications from 92 new Arabic and Islamic Education teachers, 18 of whom were granted teaching appointment letters,” said Jameela Al Muhairi, Chief of Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau.Moves have also been put in place to improve the existing standard of teaching in both Arabic and Islamic Education in private schools. We seek our stakeholders’ cooperation in providing better learning opportunities for students by ensuring the recruitment of effective teachers in these two key subjects.

Teaching, Learning & Assessment

The Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau will make sure that the teachers hired are fully qualified. The DSIB is going to assess the following skills in the teachers:

School Management Dubai

Active Learning Approach

  • Strong subject knowledge.
  • Promote imaginative, creative thinking skills in children.
  • The use of  Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in learning.
  • Active Learning Approach.
  • Regular & accurate benchmarking & tracking of students’ attainment and progress.
  • Assessment data to be used effectively to plan next steps.
  • Self and peer assessment to strengthen self-management in children.

Students’ Personal & Social Development

The Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau is very particular about the children’s development. They closely observe the students in the class to look for the following skills being promoted by the teachers.

  • Leadership skills in children.
  • Self-discipline and maturity.
  • Response to advice and guidance.
  • Empathy for humans, animals and environment.
  • Healthy lifestyles.

We, at Way Point Systems, provide Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based school management solutions in Dubai. Do you want to improve your school’s rating by effective school management? Are you planning to implement a school solution but have some doubts? Talk to us – share with us your thoughts and plans as we’re here to hear you out!

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SwirlImagine your sales power, if you could actually hypnotize customers. Let me tell you that this is not a wishful thinking anymore. Merchants around the world are exploring new ways of brand marketing and attracting customers to their stores with innovative ideas and techniques.

salesmanConsider a visitor entering a mall where your outlet let’s say a café is. This person has to collect photographs from a shop but in the meantime, you send him a push notification of a discounted offer on coffee valid for fifteen minutes. The visitor who initially had no plans of having a coffee, let alone the brand you sell, would be tempted by the discount offered and would blindly run to your café making sure that he does not miss the offer. In this way, the person gets in your spell and you get returns instantaneously.

This can be applied to various domains like a clothing store, a movie theatre, an electronics store etc. The customers will be enthralled to get instant rewards while you increase the footfall in your store. You are able to convert a passer-by into visitor, visitors into customers and customers into frequent and loyal patrons. This also serves as an effective way of brand marketing rather than the conventional methods of advertising and waiting for the response. Even the idea of putting up sale at your outlet won’t be as efficient as this. The coupons can be utilized by the shopper within a predefined period as well as passed on to others on their smart phones multiple times. If these passed-on coupons result in sales, the sender accumulates incentive points which can then be redeemed. And to the merchant’s delight, the cost he has to bear in rewarding customers by offering discounted coupons is minimal and is covered in two or three sales. There is a very low operating cost for the mall owner to put this technology in place with benefits like increased publicity of the mall and steady upward income flow.

We, at Way Point Systems provide this entirely unique concept of sales and marketing through the implementation of our product Experia.  For more details on Experia, you can visit Way Point Systems – Experia.  Share your views on this exciting new trend; we are here to respond to you.

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The RFID GenieBefore the advent of the industrial evolution, trading and shop keeping meant maintaining inventory registers, counting the units sold at the day’s end and forecasting future needs. These calculations were likely to be based on experience and intuition which could lead to erroneous results.

Later, the growing challenges of efficiency, mass production and customer satisfactions did not leave any room for inaccurate and intuitive predictions. In the early 1930’s, a team at Harvard University designed the first modern check-out system. It used punch cards that corresponded with catalog items. A customer could select punch cards containing product information and bring it to the check-out counter. The computer would read the card, pass the information to the store room from where it would be brought to the waiting customer. This system proved expensive and merchants started looking for affordable solutions to manage their inventory.

With the development of inexpensive laser technology in 1960s, the concept of Universal Product Code (UPC) or bar code along with handy readers/scanners came into being. As it was relatively cheaper, this technology got widely accepted throughout the globe.

The new millennium brought a technology outburst to an extent that it changed the entire culture. The innovations of touchpads and tablets even changed the linguistic idioms. Life changed from a click of button to a tap of the finger. The Aladdin genie which was earlier an imagination came in the form of technology fulfilling wishes from booking a vacation to paying utility bills with just a tap. In this bullet ride, what was thought to be the efficiency in the former era, became delays of the present. The bar code technology could not keep pace with this acceleration. As this technology needed line of sight and each and every item had to be scanned individually, these delays could no more be afforded.

This paved way for RFID technology which is the current and the latest trend in inventory management. Using RFID technology for data collection and some appropriate inventory algorithms for replenishment decisions, many warehousing processes can be automated such as, receiving, picking, and ordering. Various enterprise applications, for example ERP packages, can be configured and linked to RFID technology for direct and on-line collection of data. It could be possible to combine RFID and Bar coding technology for tracking of items to take competitive advantages of both the technologies.

  • Inventory monitoring and asset visibility.
  • Monitor demand trends or build a probable pattern of demand using POS data.
  • Reduced bull whip effect
  • Lead time reduction
  • Reduced inventory shrinkage
  • Perishable inventory control

Some of the market leaders those who have already implemented RFID technology are; in retail sector, DHL, McDonald’s, Texas Instruments, Tesco; in automotive sector BMW, DaimlerChrysler AG, Goodyear; in manufacturing industry Boeing, Hyundai, Toyota; in airline industry McCarran International Airport, US, Virgin Atlantic Airways.

We, at Way Point Systems, provide Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based inventory and asset management solutions in the Middle East. Are you planning to make a move to RFID based business solutions but have some doubts? Talk to us – share with us your thoughts and plans as we’re here to hear you out!

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Bottled water consumption has grown exponentially over the past ten to fifteen years. This growth has taken place globally, particularly in the Middle East. The bottled water industry has literally created its own water culture. For example, when one enters a gas station, grocery store or a restaurant in any country of the world, one is bound to find at least a few different brands of bottled water. Many government programs regularly disperse bottled water for various reasons. Distributing small bottles of water is much easier than distributing large bulk storages of water. Also contamination from large water storage containers is much more likely than from single 12-20 ounce bottles of water.

Many countries have become very oriented toward bottled water. Infact, Asia and the Middle East have pushed out the boundaries of opportunity for bottled water. Many more consumers now rely on bottled water for daily use, turning to it in preference to poor quality mains water. The world’s bottled water industry recorded a yearly growth rate of 4% in 2010 to exceed $99 billion, reports MarketLine . The market is expected to expand by more than 27% in the five-year period ending 2015 to generate more than $126 billion in revenue. In 2010, the market had a volume in excess of 152 billion liters, forecast to reach close to 183 billion liters in 2010, representing a 20% increase in five years. The water manufacturing industry has to automate its processes, in order to cater for the growing demands in the region.

Data Access

Real Time communication and access to data across vendors, partners and customers has always been critical to a company’s success. In order to ensure this continued success, a platform is needed to create an electronic ecosystem for all the independent businesses to operate in. A critical requirement for this electronic ecosystem is to integrate and combine sales, purchase, accounting, inventory and operational data via a single solution. Having a unified and accessible database is necessary for water companies to streamline and automate many of its manual business processes, thus increasing productivity and cost of operations.

Implementation of a such a coherent electronic ecosystem that is:

  • Especially designed for the manufacturing and production domain that can significantly improve the manufacturing process, distribution and account management.
  • Improves cash management and collection process through automation.
  • Gains tighter control and proven scalability without compromising on performance.
  • Boosts efficiency and serve time by integrating information across systems/applications.
  • Improves decision making by extending insights across entire organization and adaptive to all the reporting needs.

We, at Way Point Systems, have been providing industry specific ERP solutions, and consultancy to help manufacturing and production companies streamline their business processes, empower employees, gain enthusiastic customers and maximize the value for their technology investments. Do you have an ERP solution or are planning to make this shift to the ‘electronic’ world but need some ideas? Talk to us – share with us your thoughts and plans as we’re here to hear you out!


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Introducing EarlyYears – Nursery Management System by Waypoint Systems FZCO

Task – “A piece of Work to be undertaken”   Our Jobs are comprised of Tasks, these tasks are to be undertaken and completed within their given time frame. Some tasks are to be performed on a regular time interval such as daily, monthly, yearly, etc. While some tasks are…

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Cheque Printing Feature of SEAM ERP

 A company might be dealing with more than one bank at a single point of time and this poses the possibility of handling different cheque sizes and of course, the printer settings might vary too. Therefore printing of cheques from a system might be a challenge. Many companies are on the look…

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Mobile Sales system – A sure shot sales winner

Retail domain offers almost everything that a consumer desires for a smooth life – Home appliances, garments, perfumes, food products and so on. What looks from the periphery like a simple customer interaction poses a few challenges to the retailer Management of stock and suppliers Ensuring customer loyalty The right…

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